Update/news page for my website. For offhand, weird, worrying and obnoxious things that I publish, see my blog thing, OwlMan: After Dark.

Please note that a lot of news before the 18th of January 2017 is now irrelevant due to a big site update that removed most of the links on this site.


03 February 2018 @ 03:44 - Ah Fuck Part II

I'm back.

So for the month of January 2018, I really didn't do much apart from What Was The Network Neighborhood?, the freefire AMA and some other shit - oh, and get a new favicon.

I have also worked on WHOM IN ASKII, The OwlMan Art Gallery and a index page for rubbish on my site that I'll probably put online veddy soon

Despite not publishing much online, I feel like both the AMA and The Network Neighborhood article were both quite good, I especially feel like I did a good job on the NN.

Right now I'm working on a bunch of things like a new entry on After Dark, along with an unnamed WebComic article.


03 February 2018 @ 00:00 - Ah Fuck

So at the start of each month I do an update blog, but for this month I forgot to write one... fuck. I'll try and write an update list after bed, lol.


22 January 2018 @ 05:42 - An Open Letter to The Network Neighborhood...

Heyyy fuckerz, it's yo fav' Brit, OwlMan!!!! Yeah, anyway...

On the 10th of this month I uploaded an archive of my entire site to The Internet Archive, the URL can be found here https://archive.org/details/owlman.neocities.org_10.01.2017, the archive is a mirror of everything on this website as of the 10/01/18 (and not 2017!), I probably will upload older archives of this site, but the only thing is that it can take 4+ hours to 100% upload, so it's quite a bitch, plus, you can always search my site on archive.org.

In other news, I have finally got a new favicon for my site. I made a little photo to show what the old and new one look like...

As stated in this thread, it was always my intent to have a clear edge favicon.

Oh, also, I finally uploaded my AMA!


01 January 2018 @ 00:00 - An Ode To 2017

Whoa Nelly, is it really 2018 or is it ? I don't know, I'm only one guy on the Web who wanks to hott yiff everyday since he was old enough to pull his foreskin back and forth - did I mention that it's now a new year??? What's sad is that people who know me in real know full well that I'm like this all of the time, joy to the world.

I don't really have much to say on this post really, apart from saying that 2018 is going to start off with a bang on this website, HNNNNNNGGGGG!


20 December 2017 @ 01:55 - I'm Doing An AMA!

As the title says really. Anyone can join in and ask me anything, you don't need to login or sign up to anything like that, you can even post as anon of you like.

AMA can be found here: https://surl.neocities.org/5kyXx7.htm

Plus like this post so I can tell if you're from Neocities or not: https://neocities.org/site/owlman?event_id=528021


11 December 2017 @ 01:17 - Will Time Make Man More Wise?

Two things really; one, I'm going to watch The Emoji Movie with a boyfriend of mine, two, It's now Christmas so that means I changed the landing page so that it has some snow on it. Oh joy to the world.

I guess because of me seeing this FUCKING movie it means that I _might_ update The Emoji Movie article page. Or not.


02 December 2017 @ 12:59 - I Sware I Was Working on This Update on The First

Hey gang! What has happened on this site for the month of November 2017;

  • On the OwlMan Library, I uploaded a shit article taking about Spanish painter Luis Ricardo Falero. Not going to lie, the only reason why I wrote that article was so that I could put some tasteful nudity on the site.
  • Over at OwlMan: After Dark, I uploaded a blog post talking about a fascinating story of two female lovers and a chocolate bar, it's worth a read!
  • I also uploaded a post where I talked about some YouTube videos I liked.
  • I don't normally talk about this, but the landing page has been updated so when you click the photo in the middle thing it takes you to a page promoting Net neutrality.
  • I have also added some more art to The OwlMan Aar Gallery, but I think I haven't updated on the site yet...
  • Oh, and I'm working on some more crap


01 November 2017 @ 14:54 - Merry Christmas!

Woah mama, has it really been a month since I last updated this page? Well - yes it fucking has! I'll just skip to what I've done this month, shell I?


  • So one of the big things I've done is take part in a Halloween webjam. The jam I did was quite bad and shit, hopefully someone finds it to be funny.
  • I've updated a lot in the OwlMan Library, such as fixing links, archiving links and updating the code.
  • I only wrote one article this month and that was on Sex.com, what I find odd is that I just found out is that someone is making a movie called "SEXDOTCOM", the movie looks like total horse shit, but still, it's kind of weird slash cool.
  • I've added some stuff to Who is Who in ASCII Art
  • I added a part to After Dark called "In Your Name You Have My Charity Project"
  • Some other stuff I can't recall right now

Stuff I'm working on...

  • I'm working on two articles, I don't want to say what, but when they come out, it'll be bad good
  • I'm in the progress of making a Wolf 3D mod
  • I'm thinking of updating /art/


01 October 2017 @ 03:10 - Oh Boi

September for myself has been a great month, I've done a lot of shit done on this site, this post is here to catalogue what I've done for September of 2017

  • On the 4th I published "Events in Neocities History" that timelines events in Neocities' history that is worth noting, so far I have updated the page two times.
  • On the 12th I published the article "Archiving Everything".
  • And on the 24th I published an article talking about Christina Bevanhey and colour photos that look bloody lovely, even 100 plus years later.

Over on at OwlMan: After Dark I posted two times;

  • The first being on the 19th when I was Fucking Around Online.
  • The second was when I did an AMA about British life, if people wish, I may do a second AMA in a month or so, I guess.

XKCD - Brick Archway

Right now I'm working on an article talking about bad emojis, I'm not so sure when it will come out, maybe next week? Who knows?

This month I've also been up to updating Who is Who in ASCII Art with a lot of new names and links. It's driving me crazy I have no idea at all if I'll ever finish updating the list. If you have no clue what Who is Who in ASCII Art it's like the Yellow Pages but for people who have made ASCII art but it's taking fucking forever to finish. Fuck me, even my slot on the page is incomplete. I even said on Twitter that "ASCII art will be the death of me" and man, if that isn't how I die, then I will be shocked.

Oh, and I guess I also wrote about how emojis in URLs are bad.


Sub post: New Ownership of The OpenBooks Website

Marin Exley (former Network Neighborhood member), who owned the website https://openbooks.neocities.org since 2014 recently changed their URL on the 29th of September '17 to https://teal.neocities.org, in this process of changing the URL, I guess that Marin had no idea that their old URL was up for grabs (to be fair to them, I had no idea that people could grab your old URL) and so hosma claimed the old URL for himself... and uh... the new website is quite... interesting... since hosma has had ownership...

Here are all of the archive saves I've made so far...

In JakeOnline's Weekly Newsletter the new OpenBooks website was the website of the week.

By the way, I'd like to say that I have nothing at all to do with the new ownership of the OpenBooks website and I no way endorse in what hosma is doing, in fact, I don't really approve of what hosma is doing, but I can't really stop him, all I can do is just observe what goes on. Personally, if I was Marin, I would be pretty pissed at hosma, but I'm not Marin, so I don't know and I don't want to pretend I know what they feel about the new ownership.

So because of the new ownership, it means any pre-existing links to the site (like banners) now lead to a page that plays racist music. Interesting...

Update 02/01/17 @ 03:19: After three days of control, I persuaded hosma to redirect openbooks.neocities.org to teal.neocities.org

[12:19] hosma: what should i do with the ob website now that ive had my fun with it
[15:53] OwlMan: Redirect it to teal.neocities.org
[16:17] hosma: k

If you want, you can view an archive that hosma made at this URL: https://openbooks.neocities.org/old/

I know that I sometimes shit on OpenBooks - well, teal now - but I'm glad hosma redirected the URL to their new site.


25 September 2017 @ 05:27 - Zzz

            /   _)))
           /   / 6 6         Naaah, I'm not ready yet...
          (   (    \         I'm trying to archive as many ASCII 
          /  ,' __=          art creators as I can.
         / __) /_  )        ______________________________________
        ( /   ~  `(                 /
         / / .) .) )     ../////      _____________
        ( /\    (_       \   , ,     |        '\\\\\\
         \| \  '  \       C    \     |        ' ____|_
         :o /      \       \D_/      |   +    '||::::::
          /\    _/  )   ___| (___    |        '||_____|
          \/     )  |  /  \ ~ /  \   \'_______|_____|
           |    /   | /'\  \_/ _' \  ___/____|___\___
        ___|___/\___|(  <_ _____|/_\|    _    '  <<<:|
       /              '-/ \________ |_________'___o_o|
      /                 \~/::::::::|                  \
     /                  '=========='                   \
      |                                               |
      |                                               |
      |                                          b'ger|


23 September 2017 @ 05:22 - Fuck me, it's late

So I'm doing an AMA on the UK right now over on my second website here: https://surl.neocities.org/4JXwW6.htm

Ask and I'll tell.


21 September 2017 @ 03:19 - Is OwlMail Dead?

Nearly three months have passed since the last OwlMail came out and people might be wondering if it has been cancelled or something, well - it kind of has, the thing is that I felt like I was forcing myself to write a blog that does not have the benefit of photos, proper links (you know, <a href="https://example.com">like this</A>) and a weird compact look to it. But is it officially cancelled? I don't even know myself.

OwlMail was planned to replace the OwlMan: After Dark blog thing, but as it turns out, that wasn't the case at all. And just for full reference, I am not going to remove any of the OwlMail posts, I'm not that much of a twat!


19 September 2017 @ 02:22 - Am I Bi???

The other day I was looking around online when I found this Twitter post by Maple of Lighttrax, that has the classic "Netscape Now!" look thing to it, anyway, uh, I decided to make my own "OwlMan Now!" thing, so, here it is...

Oh - and here is Maple's banner I ripped off. Sorry, Maple...

In other news, I made - I guess - an experimental part of my site to see if an emoji will work in an URL. I tested this out about a month ago with the site 🔒.neocities.org (redirects as xn--lv8h.neocities.org), this seemed to work, so on the 13th of September I made this page; /🦉, the page itself is nothing that special, all there is on there is just my Net Surfer's License (as shown below), but what makes the page interesting is that it is a pain in the arse to write the URL. Fucking hell. Oh, and I guess that there are other reasons why emojis in URLs are bad, but it's now 03:02 at night and I'm running out of heavy metal songs to play on YouTube.

//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| I\  I  ___ I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\
I:                  | I \ | (__  |     O f f i c i a l         :I
I:       ___        | I  \| ___) |__ Net Surfer's License      :I
I:    .-"-~-"-.     | <-><-><-><-> exp. 09/24<-><-><-><-><-><->:I
I:   /.-"-.-"-.\    | Name:       Clive "James" Python         :I
I:   ||((o|o))||    | Email:      owlman@protonmail.com        :I
I:   )\__/V\__/(    | Occupation: Correcting Americans         :I
I:  / ~ -...- ~ \   | Eye color:  Blue/Green                   :I
I: |\` ~. ~ .~ `/|  | Hair color: Blond                        :I
I: | `~ - ^ - ~` |  | Location:   G.B.                         :I
I: | ;  '  :  .  |  | Website:    https://owlman.neocities.org :I


02 September 2017 @ 07:36 - New Look for The News Page

Title says it all at the end of the day


02 September 2017 @ 04:09 - The Death of OwlMan. 19?? - 2015

Hello there everyone, I hope that you are all having a great year so far, I know I am, ho ho ho. Here is the monthly report for September of 2017, sorry that it is one day out, but I had a lot to do today IRL.

The first thing that I did was update the very old index pages like this one here VS what they used to look like. The HTML code for the pages are a total mess, lol fuck you too Kratzen.

Second I might as well say that I'm working on two articles, the first one being called "Good and Bad Emojies", where I list my top ten best and worst emojis, I'm not even joking. I am also doing the history of Neocities timeline thing. The latter of the two (I think) will come out first, oh boy. Anyway, here is a weird video I made



20 August 2017 @ 01:42 - Did I make a meme + Other Things

Alright ya cunts, it's yah boi Xx_OwlMan_Xx here again sending you the latest banter, yeh fam-a-lang-a-ding-dong smoke dat wEEd, don't tell the fuzz, tho! Ha ha, jokes!

Anywayz, the other day, right, I made the well best meme ever! Yeah, no jokes, I was tots right, fam!

Right, I made an update on After Dark called "I'm Quitting Neocities" where I sayz that I is leaving this web host, n people totally fell for it! Right banter, mate!

After I posted that other people started to write their own leaving letters, IT WAS FOOKING MENTAL!

In other news right, I is writing about the history of Neocities and it is well wicked!

Anywayz, I needs to go now right, I'm goin' to bash a cunts head in for not fookin' paying me my doh!


01 August 2017 @ 13:33 - It's a meme, Mario

Woah mama, shit on my chest and say Steven Spielberg did it, is it really the first of August? Anyhow, this is what has happened on this website in the last month...

    OwlMail has been going 'well'
  • I made /amiafurry/
  • (it's not out yet) I'm working on /art/
  • some other shit. i dont know, i feel like shit now


10 July 2017 @ 21:54 - GET OFF THIS SITE!

Spriteclad of the old NN has left Neocities writing on their profile page

OKAY SO THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS: I've decided to switch webhosts. For real this time. You can find more info on the Neocities site or visit me at my new home at spriteclad.com. Thanks for everything, guys, but it's time for me to move on to greener pastures. <3

rip press f


6 July 2017 @ 12:07 - OwO


Hiii ~ :3

So I'm Xx_OwlMan_Xx and I'm into cute cats x3 haha anyways, here is the neeews-

I have moved /Who_in_Ascii_Art.html to /ascii.html b/c the url was too long xD

I've also added a new thing to my site called "OwlMail", it's really great so check it out :O

We also have new web banners and their really cute just like doggos on reddit! x3

Old banners can still be found here Also make sure you check out our unofficia sister site: Design Choices


1 July 2017 @ 14:25 - FuCk

Ohhhh boy!

It's now July 2017 and what have I done on this site for the past month? Lets see, shell we?

So, I have done... one article? Jesus.

Thank you joppiesaus for spotting that I put "11 July"


15 June 2017 @ 17:06 - Updates?!?!

Hello boiz 'n' g1rlz, I updated the site! Crazy right? Nah, fuck you.

I wrote "Hip With The Kids" that's all about some crap that took place in 2013

I updated "Judas Priest Fans Commit Suicide", in the past it wen as so...

Vance was left with a mutilated fact, he would later die of painkillers on Thanksgiving 1988.

But now it says...

Vance was left with a mutilated face, he would later die of numerous complications on Thanksgiving 1988.

I updated this because the only reference that said that he died of painkillers was Rotten Dot Com.


3 June 2017 @ 21:02 - Same Old Crap [Written on the 1st]

Woah mama, new month, good bye May, hello June!

The month of May was the worst for the site as a whole, very little was put on it at all, all I have to show off is an article on T.H.E. Fox and The Rock Cocks.

I also did do more stuff, but I need to tell a story first...

Before the 5th of January 2017, this website was HTTP and not HTTPS, (see below if you don't know the difference, also see The Neocities' Blog) this meant that when I put photos in the code of the site I wrote <img src="/neocities.png"> and not <img src="https://owlman.neocities.org/neocities.png"> - now that was fine before the 05/01/17, but after said date not so much.

Because I kept on using HTTP some web browsers would not display the site, an example of this would be that it would not load the background and photos.

So what I need to do now is replace all HTTP to HTTPS around the site, great!

Okay... the second story... On the 16th of May 2017 I started to become a Neocities' Supporter , this means that I get to have more free space on my site and I am able to upload any file type I like (in the past you couldn't upload movie file types. There are also more benefits to becoming a supporter). Now in the past, I hosted all the movie file types on my Geocities.ws site and on mixtape.moe, but now there is no point to put movie files on any site but this one. SO! I am now working on putting all the movie files on this site.

i also failed to say that i'm working on .zip files too

Third thing now...

I went on holady, read about it here.


24 May 2017 @ 22:01 - Got Any Memes?

Alright everyone, happy Friday, Monday whatever day (I've been writing this since the 19th), this is just a little update to tell you what is going on with this site...

A little wile ago I was on the Design Choices' Discord server when I asked

[10:36 PM] OwlMan: Okay @everyone - now is your chance, what about my site should I change?
[10:37 PM] Design Choices: different background, different font, make the splash screen lead it to a homepage instead of a library that makes things confusing, make it more pretty
[10:38 PM] OwlMan: different background ...but I like that one...
[10:38 PM] Design Choices: k
[10:38 PM] Design Choices: make it a grid idk
[10:39 PM] OwlMan: I'll see what I can do

So now when you click the big button on the landing page it will no longer take you to /library/ but to /home/. So cool.

Also, a new background and font! Is what I would be saying if there were (or "was"?) a new background and font... yeah.... sorry mate...

On other news, I've been writing articles none-stop for the past 10 months, so as of the 27th of May 2017 I will not work or publish any new articles on this site for a week, after said week I will start again on my shit - uh site.

I'm also considering if I should enable the tipping setting on my site - this means that if people want to they can give me some of their own money for what I do on this site. I don't think I will enable this setting just yet as I feel charging people for my work is kind of bad - I don't think you should be charged to view my work.


16 May 2017 @ 22:56 - IDK What The Title Should Be

For about the past two years I've been using websites like Geocities.ws and mixtape.moe to host my MP(number)s, my ZIPs and other crap. But not today - oh no! As today I am now a supporter of Neocities!



14 May 2017 @ 00:25 - Neocities News With OwlMan

What's going on guys, OwlMan here again bring you the latest in YouTube news.

First off, OwlMan is writing an article about "T.H.E. Fox" - a webcomic about a fox from the 1980's and the article should come out sometime - just like OwlMan.


13 May 2017 2017 @ 14:54 - No Luck Catching Them Swans Then

Hello my fellow minions, it's great to see that you're reading this text on this screen right now!

I'm just here to say what's "new" around this "great" website.

Today I made a kind of new 404 page, all that's new about it is it has code from The Internet Archive that informs the viewer that they are on a dead page (like this one here).

The Le Code...

<div id="wb404"/>
<script src="https://archive.org/web/wb404.js"> </script>

My Le Code...

<div id="wb404"/><script src="https://owlman.neocities.org/odds/wb404.js"> </script>

Also! I just like to tell you all that I'm working on nothing at all because of my_irl.exe life. Yeah, sorry if you were hoping for something this week that was good.

All I can say is just read one of Froge's articles.

EDIT 14/05/17 @ 00:22: I fucked the date up. When I first posted this the date was 30th of April 2017 - I posted it in May >_>


30 April 2017 @ 14:54 - Design Choices Exposed

*Looks at the date* OwO What's this?

Yeah, it's the 30th of April 2017 and this is the update log of this month!!111

This month I have made a lot less content than most, I think that's partly due to my real life ("IRL" as the kids say) and me writing about Mayhem really took its toll on me - don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing but Mayhem had a lot of content I needed to put in, every time I believed I was finished with it a new piece of information came up.

Anyway, this is where I put all of my new articles I did this month...

  • On the 1st I published an article about Nightcore, it's more of a "taking the piss" article than anything
  • I of cause wrote about Mayhem
  • Probably my worst article came out this month with The Crazy Frog
  • I wrote about "Woman Takes Dog to Furry Con" - I don't really like this article because I feel like it's something a "soccer Mom" would read. I feel like covering something like this was bad from the start.
  • I did another piss take article called "USA! USA! USA!" where I got to talk about guns in The US and ignorance of people.
  • I had quite a lot of fun writing about "Don't copy That Floppy II" or just "Don't' Copy That 2". I find writing about silly and odd things can be fun, so I very much enjoyed this.
  • I wrote about "Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages" a 1922 movie about witchcraft and the like.
  • I'm also doing a page called "Timeline" - it's hard to explain, just check it out and you'll get it.
  • I never wrote on this page, but I'm doing a new thing called "OwlMan: After Dark" where I talk about videos/links/art etc that I found. It's kind of like a blog in a way I guess.

I also want to promote another site that I quite like called "Design Choices" - it's somewhat like this site I guess but 1) it looks like it's made by someone who knows how to make a website and 2) it's more down to Earth.

DC also did an OwlMan Exposed 2017 page - but it's now no more ;-;7

I was also reading some of my old articles when I found my old "Meme Fest" one. Meme Fest was on the 21st of April 2017, but when I looked it up I found nothing about the event. The Facebook page has been removed and I can't find any new articles about the it.

If anyone has proof that the event really did happen, why not hit me up?


22 April 2017 @ 23:49 - It's Time to Kick Ass

Hello guys, it's Clive here, Clive from OwlMan that is - the best website on Neocities, yeah, I'm a big thing on this site you see.

I'm sorry for that one.


Why haven't I updated this page in a long time? - Well, I'm a fucking wanker, that's why. Not so long ago I wrote possibly my worst article ever and it's about the Crazy Frog, I just could not care less about it.

I'm also doing a timeline thing, eh.

Oh, I'm also on the front page and if I get to the top, I'll cut my balls off.


08 April 2017 @ 08:37 - love Me Do

Have I really been writing about Mayhen for a week now? Good God, okay, sorry for the long wait, to make up, here is the first part of the article....

So, two Judas Priest Fans commit suicide because of a song, Weird Al does a song about wanking and some guy names his band "Kunt and the Gang" - that ain't shit compared to the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

Formed in 1984 in Oslo by guitarist Øystein "Destructor" Aarseth, bassist Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud and drummer Kjetil Manheim, taking their band name from the Venom song "Mayhem with Mercy", they would become synonymous with death and destruction.

Comming out... soon....?


07 April 2017 @ 00:05 - Alright

Alright mate, right now I'm writing about the band Mayhem, there is a lot to write about so IDK man, leave me be.


01 April 2017 @ 00:10 - got u xD

Well shit, look at the time, it's April 2017, woah mama, time sure flys by when you're not doing any fucking work

Enough foreplay, let's get into the real meat and bones of this update, what the funk happened (on this site) in March 2017?!?!

First, the OwlMan Library,

I wrote about;

>The Emoji Movie
>Jeff Weise
>Bimbo's Initiation
>In Event of Moon Disaste
>Phantom Time Hypothesis
>Records I Own

Other stuff I did;

>I made an unfunny cartoon called 'Thank You'
>Updated all the broken images on /ken/
>Added more to Vote for Weird Al
>Added more shite to /clive/

So yeah, good times!


23 March 2017 @ 11:31 - Tiny Tim is Weird

After making that whole Jeff Weise thing, I made three more article; 'Bimbo's Initiation', 'In Event of Moon Disaster' and 'Phantom Time Hypothesis'.

In the past hur I have been fixing photo links over at /14jammar/, this might be the last time I update it.

I don't really dwell into my real life on this site, but I'll tell you that I've been feeling much happier about myself, one thing that's helped it is people have just been nice to me. I've also been infected with the illness known as love [*sigh*, yeah, I know] and because of that, I've been feeling very happy! Woot!


16 March 2017 @ 00:10 - So fucking naive man, so fucking naive

80% done doing an article about Jeff Weise. When it's done, the URL will be so; https://owlman.neocities.org/library/jeffweise.html


01 March 2017 @ 17:18 - RIP February 2017

I did a lot of crap last Feb, quite a lot in the OwlMan Library, anyway, this is what I did...

>I wrote an article on the time the Mythbusters made some mouse turn into a Cannibal Mouse! I also wrote the transcript to this aswell.

>On the 4th I wrote about a woman who was kept in a septic tank by her brother for black magic. I would later add the "Please note" thing later

>I wanted to write about Christine Chubbuck for some time now, and, well, looks like I did. At the time I was writing it I was unaware that the footage was faked, so I had to update it 3 days in a row.

>Just like Christine Chubbuck, I knew about the Rugrats Storyboard Jam for some time

>I wrote about The Frantic Caller, I knew about this since 2014, the first time I played it on YouTube I was naïve about it and was unsure about it. I now know it's 99.99% fake

>Judas Priest Fans Commit Suicide is somewhat new to me, I think I did okay on it

>To blow steam off I wrote My PC, it's a joke article at the end of the day and if anyone was unsure, I don't use it much at all, I just used it for this one thing

>Because I hate life, I wrote Meme Fest

>I wrote about Doom, I'm not so happy about it, I might update it. This was the only thing I was unsure about writing.

>I was looking around my old site when I found the transcript for Jane Dornacker's death, so I wrote abut it

>I wrote about Kunt and the Gang

>If you clicked any links you may of seen this page, it was made so I would stop writing "however,"


24 February 2017 @ 01:22 - New Layout

Updated this page to fit the new layout of the site, hope you like it, if you don't, what is wrong with you? I would show you what this page looked like in the past, but the Internet Archive keeps on not working. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

20 February 2017 @ 02:19 - Holy God!

It's out!!!


20 February 2017 @ 00:46 - Doom Me Up, Baby!

Working on Doom, I'll get it done one day. I'm unsure what I should put in it, I already did some stuff on Doom what with Eric Harris, I might do a quick overview of REB DoMiNe, or not, we shell see! [I hope]


19 February 2017 @ 05:14 - Archive Me, Baby! (I'm Sorry, it's Late and I need Bed)

Now in all of the 'references' parts of my articles I have a link to an archive of that article. I also need to change the background colour, from something like this:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" TEXT="#ffffff" LINK="#ffffff" ALINK="#ffffff" VLINK="#ffffff">

To something like this

<BODY BGCOLOR="#cccccc" TEXT="#ffffff" LINK="#ffffff" ALINK="#ffffff" VLINK="#ffffff">

So yeah, I need sleep

        ||                   ||
     ||/||___                ||
     || /`   )____________||_/|
     ||/___ //_/_/_/_/_/_/||/ |
     ||(___)/_/_/_/_/_/_/_||  |
     ||     |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|| /|
     ||     | | | | | | | ||/||
jgs  ||                   ||


05 February 2017 @ 17:16 - I Can't Think of a Title

Goging to remove /img/Banners/ because it takes up too much space, saved it in the Internet Archive


31 January 2017 @ 17:53 - Banners, banners and more Banners

Added more banners to the site


30 January 2017 @ 22:44 - Well Shit

"I might write about Bowie, but I am unsure." 7 hours later and here we are. Shit.


30 January 2017 @ 15:03 - ...So, what is still There?

On the 17th I removed a lot of the site, here is what is still here...


I am also writing about Doom 1993; I might write about Bowie, but I am unsure. I'm trying to write about the Phantom Time Hypothesis, but I'm dry.


24 January 2017 @ 01:06 - I Need Bed!

Worked 'till late to get the rotten dot com thing done


22 January 2017 @ 21:23 - Still Doin' Crap

Yes baby!

Still writing about Rotten Dot Com, I am also writing about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, I've done more on the latter


19 January 2017 @ 18:39 - LOL, Trump

Yeah, Trump... Anyway! I will try and archive the parts of this site that I removed on geocities.ws/owlman, I would do it now, but geocities.ws is shite. Oh, also in British slang "trump" means fart.


18 January 2017 @ 23:44 - SHIT YOU MADMAN!

I removed 50+ percent of the site becuase I was a Textfiles ripp-off


18 January 2017 @ 13:06 - Removing Most of site?

This site was made as an archive for ASCII art however, there are like 100's of sites like mine. I've been thinking about this for some time about removing all content that was not made by me, I have not removed anything as of yet, if I do, I shell save it via the Internet Archive.

Stuf I may remove:

/clarkson/ - Will be moved to /library/
/geocities_ws_owlman/ - geocities.ws/owlman will still be up
/jiri/ /paulisdead/ - IDKY this is still here, there is a mirror at /library/ /Who_in_Ascii_Art.htm

I'm doing this for some reasons first, most of the content on this site was not made by me. Second, it will give more a lot more space, right now I'm using 65.2% (65.21 MB) of mine 100 MB Neocities gives us users. I think when I used my old site, 14jammar I only used about 10%. Also, my site is mostly text. I don't want to be a Textfiles ripp-off, I want a fresh start.

I shell be removing content, however, I won't untill the 21st.

That's about it really. I will write in here if I remove anything.


17 January 2017 @ 20:47 - Hmmm, Nice!

It would seem like we have hit a new big number, 100,158 infact. So, thank you all veddy much!

If you care, here are the hits for the last 7 days

Light gray - Hits
Blue - Unique Visits

Also in the world of OwlMan, I am writing an article on that of Rotten Dot Com (for people who don't know, it's like Best Gore but in the 90's and 00's), I should really write about something nice like how cute cats are, or about a funny YouTube video - but no! Not today, today it's about NSFW stuff!


12 January 2017 @ 23:42 - We're Now NSFW!

Due to the fact that on this site there are some very NSFW parts, I have now marked this site as such. This won't change anything about the site, all it will do is tell kids to fuck off.


12 January 2017 @ 22:27 - Jumping the shark

I did it, I fucking did it, I wrote an article on vore and now I feel like being an hero. I've been writing this since October of last year, but I've been putting it off. I don't know what I'll write next, but it won't be about sex.


05 January 2017 @ 20:30 - OMG HTTPS!!!!

Just look at that nice URL, HTTPS, nice


05 January 2017 @ 15:06 - 2017 Stuff

Yeah, new year, old shit.
I added two new stuff to my shit GREAT Library, being What's Wrong with The Simpsons? (some old crap I wrote in 2015) and "2017" being what's going on in the news this year (CTRL+F "BBC")

I am also working on an article about something that starts with the letter "V" and ends in "E". I'm not sure when I'll be done with it, I hope within two weeks.


29 December 2016 @ 23:01 - Clive is a Dumbarse Part XX

Yeah, so some parts of my site (ie links, images, videos etc) may not work as of the 1st of January 2017. If you really care about this, chack this out. I think only a small part of my site may not work as most websites that I link to use HTTPS. If anything does go wrong, I shell fix it!!!11oneoneone


9 December 2016 @ 19:24 - Spit on Taboo

Christmas was not so bad, but it's over now, so the index page is back to what it was before Christmas. Nothing much is going on to this site, but, I still need to bloody work on asciipr0n. To somewhat make it up, I am working on a very shite thing for the OwlMan Library.

I might now do anything for new years, so, guess I'll see you in 2017 (unless I die).


20 December 2016 @ 18:37 - ZOOBOO!

I added more stuff to the OwlMan Library, I'm lazy so I made a list of what I did:

As well as this, I have also done recolouring the Xmas tree thing I was going on about, it was a pain in my arse, but, it's done.


18 December 2016 @ 00:10 - Oh God, Not More Crap

Yeah, it's me, more crap. I wrote a report called "Bart Simpson Loves Scientology", it's about Nancy Cartwright and good old Scientology. I would read it before the Co$ sues me for all I got.


16 December 2016 @ 22:11 - Eh, Stuff

Working on adding colour to some ASCII Xmas Tree thing from 1996, it's still in work, but you can see a unfinished copy of it here. I should also work on asciipr0n and all that, I don't know when I'll finish that. I will one day, but not today.


11 December 2016 @ 00:16 - OH NO! IS'S CHRISTMAS!!!

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of kill me!
Yeah, good times. So, because it's Xmas and what not, I made my homepage look all nice and shite, if you're reading this in 2016 then you can see my Christmas homepage 'ere. If you're not reading this in 2016, click here and if you don't like Christmas click here.


11 December 2016 @ 02:37 - Same Old Crap

Working "hard" on asciipr0n as well as still working on Who is Who in Ascii Art


06 December 2016 @ 21:15 - More News

I made a page for news on Who is Who in Ascii Art, found here.


06 December 2016 - It's That Time...

Hmmm... yeah, it's soon going to be that time of the year where everyone eats food and watch Indiana Jones on BBC 2 for the 5000th time, yes, it's Christmas.

I should make a new index page for this time of the year like I did for Halloween this year. Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas...

          / \
         /   \
      {`_______`}  Ho, oh, oh next year...
       // . . \\    /
      |'-' = `-'|
      |         |
      /\       /\
     /  '.   .'  \
    /_/   `"`   \_\
  jgs   |--|--|


02 December 2016 - (Unofficial) NeoMail Issue

Neocities now has an (unofficial) mailing list, please click the banner to find out more...


01 December 2016 - Anchors

Working on putting I have now put anchors in "Who is Who in Ascii Art" I should do have done the same for this page.

Edit 12 hours later...
So yeah, I put anchors on this page! If you can't tell, you can anchor a page by pressing "A!" same for "Who is Who in Ascii Art", but I'm still working on that page.


28 November 2016 - Google Translate

I removed the Google Translate button on some pages as it was ugly to look at.


24 November 2016 - Copyright

As of today, all content made by me now falls under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Read more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

21 November 2016 - Who is Who in ASCII Art Part II

Somewhat done making big edits to "Who is Who in ASCII Art".
I replaced all the links so they will go to the Internet Archive and not a live link, as many sites like to go offline or shutdown, especially if they are old sites, as many ASCII art ones are.

A! 15 November 2016 - Who is Who in ASCII Art?

Updating "Who is Who in ASCII Art", so yep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

01 November 2016 - Halloween '16

I updated the landing page so it no longer has Halloween stuff on it. If you care, the Halloween '16 landing page can be found here

27 October 2016 - RIP Vine

Vine has announced in the past hours it will be closed - So, to keep my videos online, I will be putting them on this site


25 October 2016 - MLP ASCII Links

Updated /MLP_ASCII/ fixed links and such


01 October 2016 - DEATH IS COMMING!!!

Added /death to the site, most of it are just transcripts.

Also, on 23 June I added /doom, but I removed it, well, it will come back. I don't know when. But it will come back. (don't quote me on that)

So that's all for now, see- wait, what was- oh no, oh no! OH NO, IT'S DEATH!!!111oneoneone

             .####_  .
         ;##/ / \/ \  \    Hello OwlMan!
        ;##/__|O||O|__ \   /
       ,##|/_ \_/\_/ _\ |        OOO\
       ###| | (____) | ||       OOOOO\
       ;##\/\___/\__/\ //      OOOOOOOO
      ,;####`.      \_)/       / OOOOOOO
    ;#########`. ,,,;./       /  / DOOOOOO
  .';#################;,     /  /     DOOOO
 ,######;######;;;;####;,   /  /        DOOO
;`######`'######;;;##### ,H/  /          DOOO
#`#######`;######;;### ;##H  /            DOOO
##`#######`;######## ;####H /              DOO
`#`#######`;###### ;######H/               DOO
 ###`#######`;; ;#########HH                OO
 ####`#######`;########;###H                OO
 `#####`############;'`#;##H                O
  `#####`########;' /  / `#H
   ######`#####;'  /  /   `H


08 August 2016 - Pain in The Ass Meiwes and Brandes

When I made this website I made a mistake with the URLs. You see I put the first word in capital, when it should of been in lowercase (ie I put Example.html when I should of put example.html). Because of this basic mistake it is easy to get a 404 page and think that I removed the page, when I really just put a caps on the first letter.

So I am now going to remove all capital letters from (most) of my URLs. This is going to be a pain in the ass for me, and because of this it means that I won't be able to update my site with new stuff for however long it takes me. I'm a dumb ass.

In different news, I have been writing about Meiwes and Brandes. I wanted to do something on this for some time now but never got around to it. It is should be online soon now.


02 August 2016 - Records 'n' stuff

I made a list of records I own on here for all to enjoy.


31 July 2016 - HELLO BOYS, I'M BACCCCCK!!!

I'm back at home where I have sweet, sweet Internet! I will be doing more dumb stuff to this website sooon...


15 July 2016 - See You Guys... (For a Week)

I'm not going to be able to edit/update any of my sites for about a week, as where I'm going there is no Internet. So, I'll see you in (about) a week.


15 July 2016 - A Blog?

Thinking of making a blog, as the news part of the site is becoming more random xd lol.

I'll post crap like this ↓


15 July 2016 - daeD iS luaP

Right now I'm wrighting a peace on "Paul is Dead". It's not fully done yet. If you're reading this when I put the work online, the link will be found here.

In more funny[?] news, I have a V   A   P   E      P  A  R  T    O  F    T  H  E    S  I  T  E


08 July 2016 - The End of the Network Neighborhood

On the 5th of July was the end of the NN, a Neocities webring that less than 1% of the site was apart of. I would say that I had no idea that it was ending, but I knew. Lots of its members were leaving the NN like mad, 98plus even said (on his blog) "the webring i'm in and co-founded (remember that?) is on the verge of shutting down. yeah. the best way we can stay alive if is we get more members." Well, they only got one new member.

What's even more, on the NN YouTube channel 98plus posted a video (that's now been removed (I have a copy of it BTW)) saying the same thing he said on his blog, he also told us that "We need new members as soon as possable" and that we should apply to join the NN. I did apply on the day the video was put on YouTube, the fourth of April, four months later and still no reply from them. Jeez.

It even got to the point that I went to their Discord server (that is still 
up right now) and asked why they had not contacted me, this is what they said:
Jun 17, 2016
Marin the Technomancer: 
yeah, we have a general age requirements just because many of 
our members are over 18 and it's just... there can be issues i'd like to adoid.

OwlMan (Being 17 at the time):
Am I to young then?

Marin the Technomancer:
I don't think so, have you applied @OwlMan

I did but the NN never got back

Marin the Technomancer:
Oh. That might have been during my absence, i'll check the applications.


They never got back to me.


28 June 2016 - Wow Wee

I am crap at doing updates on this page, weeeeeeeeee!


23 June 2016 - Just a Update

Added four noteworthy parts of the site, Vote For Weird Al '97 (a *site* I wanted to make since mid 2014), Ken (a dumb joke), DOOM (will put more stuff on it if I had more time) and gif where I will put my gifs I made


11 May 2016 - New Website

Over the last week I made a new website (that I will not update BTW) the site is also called "OwlMan" and can be found here


20 April 2016 - New Stuff

We now have a new home page for all to see, if you want to see the old one, click here. Also in the news, my first Neocities website, 14jammar.neocities.org, has been closedown and moved to this new adress owlman.neocities.org/14jammar.


13 April 2016 - My Old HTML

Not really an update/news, but I was looking at my old HTML, and I realised how bad it was... Just see for your self


01 April 2016 - No Prank Today

Boy oh boy, March was a big month for this site, where to start! Well, because I got so much spam on my old guestbook I made a new part of the site that shows spam (see here). I also put a chat-bot on the site, not very smart (like, at all). One of the last big things I did to this site was move my old Wix.com site content over here.


12 March 2016 - OwlMan Comic

I made a dumb random comic generator thing today and yesterday, hope you like it! My comic can be found here


07 March 2016 - News, This, That and Stuff

Added lots of stuff, like HTML Colour, Welcome E-Mail, 404 page and Games to the site


29 February 2016 - Banners

We now have banners for the website!!1


24 February 2016 - Jiri Matejicek

Added art by Jiri Matejicek to the site.


21 February 2016 - ASCIIMAN

For some reason I made this website.


20 February 2016 - ASCII Only

Because I can, I made a ASCII Only part of the site


18 February 2016 - A Big One

This month has been a very big one, I have added much to the site, like YWoT Scripts, transcripts, artwork by Maija Haavisto and many more. This site has also hit 10.7K views, so thank you all for that! I don't currently know what I will do next to this site. Oh, and I have a new dog


19 January 2016 - More MLP ASCII?!?

Finally have finished major updates to MLP ASCII.


15 January 2016 - MLP ASCII

Made updates to MLP ASCII there will be more to come over the next days


12 January 2016 - First!!

Because there are going to be site changes over the year and why not, I guessed I would make a log of all the site updates and ch-ch-ch-changes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~