9GAG Monument

By Clive Python | 14jammar

I just love writing about this sort of thing - memes that is, I just love to shit on people who find them funny. As we all know the only funny thing in the world is not memes, but your ever-shortening life.

In the "news" today 9gag - one of the worst websites only behind that of this one - buried a meme monument for future generations to find. Honestly, I wish I could tell you that this is a sick joke, but no, they really did it. This is the equivalent of me burying the smallpox virus in hopes of people in the year 2087 getting it.

The ugly, waste of money and pointless monument has such great memes like...

Of cause with all of the coverage someone needed to get their hands on it - that being 4chan who were able to track down where 9gag buried the monument. lets lazily quote reddit user Tia00017 on this one...

9gag buried a "meme monument" in an undisclosed location to be found by future generations. Since the memes on the monument were utterly shit normalfag memes, /pol/ took it upon itself to locate, unearth, and deface the monstrosity in Operation Smash The Stone.


Photo 2

The sculptor Antonio Soler (seen in above photo) lives in Spain, and the truck shown in the video had a Spanish license plate, so that's where the hunt began.

Using Google Maps to line up scenes from the video, as well as searching for Limestone quarries near suitable (desert-like) areas of Spain, it was determined that the monument lied somewhere in the Tabernas desert of Southern Spain.

Autism ensued, and now /pol/ is mobilizing Spainons to commence stage 2 of Operation Smash The Stone.

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More context and info on Operation Smash The Stone


We've yet to find out if 4chan have smashed the monument - to be honest, they probably will be able to achieve their goal. If they were able to find the He Will Not Devide Us flag they will be able to destroy the 9GAG Monument.

God's speed 4chan! God's speed!


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 07/04/17.