The Simpsons Rant
What's Wrong with The Simpsons and Family Guy?
By James

Part AI: 'Homer's Night Out' - The Simpsons

You know, The Simpsons were 9 years old when I was born. At that time they had 185 episodes to count; they now
have a eye-poping 580 (as of 19/Nov/15).

It's amazing that a TV show can have that many episodes, because of all this it means that there are
going to be some bad ones. And there are.

I would say that the first bad episode would be episode 10's 'Homer's Night Out' (Production Code: 7G10) in 
this episode Bart gets a spy camera and takes a photograph of Homer (who is on a stagdoo) dancing with 
'Princess Kashmir' a belly dancer. For some reason, this image is the talk of the town, Jesus, how boring is 
Springfield? Anyway, Marge see the image ( and is pissed off! She orders Homer out of the house 
until he shows Bart that women should not be taken advantaged of. Okay, not that I told you then plot, let me tell 
you why this is a bad episode; first off the bat is why is Marge so pissed of at Homer for dancing with another woman? 
It's not like he had his way with her, all he was doing was dancing with her. How was he treating her in a sexiest way?

Okay, if he told her "Oy, lov, get ya tits oot for the lads wil ya!!!" then yes, he would be sexist. But no, all
he did was dance with her. That's all.

Next BS thing for me would be, why the hell is this image the talk of the town? It's a image of a man dancing with a 
woman; it's not like he had sex with her, is it.

But I need to forgive this episode, as it is only episode 10, and they were just starting off the show.

Part AII: Lisa Goes Gaga - The Simpsons

However, I can not forgive Season 23 episode 22 "Lisa Goes Gaga" staring Lady Gaga. But why you may ask?
Well, here is what is wrong with it (keep in mind, I have only see the episode about three times), lets
start off at the start shell we. (BTW my info for this part can be found here:

The episode starts off with Lady Gaga on a train going to her next concert, she passes through Springfield 
and sees how low the town's self-esteem is. Like the whole town. All of a town has low self-esteem.
Do you know how dumb that is? How can a whole town have low self-esteem? That's silly.

Lisa, who BTW has low self-esteem, finds out that her fellow students voted her the most unpopular student.
She tries to become popular by ghostwriting nice things about herself on a school blog titled 'Truth Teller'.

Jesus, they reeeealy know how to pull at our hart, I sure hope that Lady Gaga makes her happy!

Bart, the little shit-bag, tells the entire school that Lisa is writing the blog, this makes Lisa's social 
status drop even further. Thanks Bart!
Lady Gaga is alerted by a psychic force about Lisa's depression, and goes to help her. WHAT! ARE YOU FUCKING

-_- anyway...

After many, many attempts to make Lisa happy (by happy I mean be like Lady Gaga, and not a individual), Lisa 
freaks out at Lady Gaga, who then feels that she failed her mission (to be a twat). 
Lisa soon discovers that her outburst helped her in not bottling up her anger, and runs to find Lady Gaga. 
When she finds her, Lisa APOLOGIZES and Lady Gaga is relieved to find out that her mission was successful. 
The two then sing a duet, then Lady Gaga leaves, but not before Moe arrives and asks if she can help him 
out, but she turns him down.

Everything wrong with 'Lisa Goes Gaga':

1. Lady Gaga is portrayed as God-like
2. Everyone in the town is the same, ie why does everyone have a low self-esteem?
3. Lisa, who is usually strong, falls for this BS
4. Everyone in the town falls for Gaga
5. The episode is just making Gaga's ego bigger
6. Bart, who usually cares for Lisa, is a twat to her
7. The moral is, the only way to be happy is to be the same

In the end, this is a shit episode

Part AIII: Now and Then

Here is what the main cast were link, and how they are now;

Homer Jay Simpson - In the 90's Homer was a loving father of three, sure he was not the sharpest tool

Part II: Family Guy